Who We Are

As Uzunkaya Dikimevi, we have been designing and producing textile products for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, General Directorate of Security and weapon manufacturers since 2018.

Working in the defense industry, we are aware of the quality standards required. We have been working hard not to compromise the military standards at each stage of our projects.

We know the value of R&D and we stand by open-minded people with a project in the field of defense industry. We are here for all kinds of sewing and design needs in the textile field. If you have a project we can help you with, you can consult the R&D section for detailed information.

Vision of Uzunkaya Dikimevi (UDE)

To be one of the sought-after brands of military textile products while giving importance to quality, research and development. To be competitive in the international market with the price and quality we offer.

Mission of Uzunkaya Dikimevi (UDE)

We are a workshop that designs and manufactures new products while giving weight to quality over quantity.